Monday, May 01, 2006

SOUTHERN AFRICA, HERE WE COME! It looks like it's really going to happen ... we have all our shots and have purchased our tickets ... in one short month, Mandy and I are headed to the countries of Southern Africa with World Vision to work on AIDS and food crisis-related resource gathering.

We'll be there a total of two months and will be based near Johannesburg (World Vision's Southern Africa regional offices are in Roodepoort), but will travel to various countries (the Congo, Malawi, Zimbabwe, possibly others) to work with field and national communicators. Our goal will be to assist them in developing communications resources (stories, photos, video) for fundraising offices such as ours in the U.S., and particularly from the internet perspective.

We will be sharing and testing technological solutions during our two-month stay, and in general just getting to know the great staff who represent World Vision in Southern Africa. We are very excited!

Since I'll be missing the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic this year, we also plan to do a version of the STP in South Africa. The current plan calls for us (over a two-day period, July 15 and 16) to cycle along the southern coast's "Garden Route" from Cape Town to Mosselbaai, approximately 330 kilometers. It's possible, given sufficient time and energy, we may push further on, as far as Knysna or Port Elizabeth. (I've been training for the past year and a half solid, and am feeling pretty optimistic!)

I am calling this little adventure "Cyclocross Africa" and am inviting others from our South Africa office to join us. While the costs of our trip are completely paid, we are raising pledges through this event with the funds going to benefit AIDS orphans and vulnerable children throughout Southern Africa. For details see my Cyclocross Africa page at

Mandy is also excited about the opportunity to represent her employer, REI, on this adventure.

I will write more soon about our preparations for our trip, so stay tuned!

In the meantime I also wanted to let you know that we are nearing the end of our Isaiah study, with our college group, and will probably be finished by the time we leave. While on the long planeride to London, and then to Johannesburg, I hope to post some additional study blogs below.

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