Monday, June 05, 2006

June 5, 2006

In the Office

Just wanted to give a quick update to say we spent our first full day with World Vision's wonderful Southern Africa regional staff, in their office here in Roodeport, South Africa. What a great group of folks. We are especially indebted to Chantal Meugens for all the work she is putting in getting us set up logistically.

We haven't yet taken any new photos today, so I have nothing to post that you haven't already seen below.

Today we spent getting to know our staff here, and getting logistics worked out for the various countries we'll be traveling to, and getting our internet connectivity working. We've been using dialup at our accommodations, so it's a relief to once again be able to transmit by broadband! I just wish I had some photos to show you. The grounds here, where the office is located, are breathtaking. Maybe tomorrow.

Exciting! Tomorrow, I learned, we are going into the Soweto Townships for a special event with World Vision sponsored children. So our first real resource will probably be transmitted Tuesday evening (our time ... Tuesday morning your time). Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Sounds exciting! Looking forward to more updates :)

Larry Short said...

Jerry, thanks for your note! I am missing our group.

I haven't been able to keep Schlog very up to date this week since I've been working so hard, but check the World Vision blog ( for several updates on our visit to the Soweto Township. It was very interesting.

Tell everyone we said hi!