Saturday, June 02, 2007

Jackie, Chan Sighted in Our Back Yard

Spring has sprung in the Pacific Northwest and Darlene and I have two new fawns ... our friend Jane Doe (mother of the yearling buck Naphtali, who has recently been seen with a new girlfriend) disappeared for a few weeks, then reappeared this week trailed by two brand new fawns.

The attached video of the threesome was shot with my new AIPTEK digital handheld videocam. It precompresses video in Quicktime (.mov) format and stores it at the rate of a half megabyte per second on whatever Secure Digital card you insert in the slot. A 2 gig SD card therefore yields a full hour of video.

I then used Quicktime Pro to trim the video so it was less than YouTube's 100 megabyte maximum, and uploaded it (about 3 minutes' worth) to YouTube for presentation herein.

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