Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Couple of Year-End Housekeeping Items

OK, just for Christmas ... we created a new look for this blog, and we're going to put our annual Christmas letter here so we don't have to cut down trees this Christmas for anything but firewood.

But first for some housekeeping items. I know there are those of you wondering exactly what's going on in the photo in the header on top of this blog. That was someone's twisted idea of fun at last year's staff picnic at World Vision. A rodeo with inflatable dinosaurs. There were supposedly prizes to the winning teams. I'm still not sure that's actually true.

Second housekeeping item: Much of my day-to-day blogging is now being done through Twitter. Check out my Twits at

Third and final: Before I post our Christmas letter, I am going to post a story my Aunt Dorothy asked me about while she was visiting here last week. So scroll up for that one.

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