Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama's New Running Mate

When it comes to the truth, Joe Biden plays it fast and loose ...

One of the things that is bothering me about Obama, is not so much that he demonstrates a deficient character himself, but that he tolerates, associates with and even embraces people who do. Case in point which has bothered me for a long time is his support of a church pastored by Dr. Wright.

I am a committed member of a local church. The pastor is my friend. I have served on the elder board a total of four separate two-year terms (so far). As a committed Christian (which Obama claims to be) I want to be involved in the leadership of my church, I want to make sure it is on target. My church is important to me and I feel a sense of personal responsibility to help guard the doctrine and integrity of my church.

Why did Obama tolerate Wright for so many years? Why is it that he doesn't repudiate the man's positions until he is a candidate for president? I can't see myself doing that. If something like that happened in my church, I would feel responsible to either try and fix the problem, or get out.

And why on earth would you pick a running mate who plays it so fast and loose with the truth? Wouldn't you be looking for more integrity than that?

Am I wrong that these things are bothering me? Does this bother anyone else?

By the way, I don't usually go into politics in this blog. For one thing, I'm not terribly happy with any of the choices this time around. I could write at length about my displeasure with John McCain. (And probably will, now that I've started down this slippery slope ...)

But I just wanted to get this off my chest and see if anyone had any perspective on this.

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you! How are we supposed to trust the judgment of a man who has such poor judgment when picking a mentor?

On the converse, imagine if John McCain went to a white supremacist church...