Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Rapture Survey" Responses

I'm thankful for the responses received to my recent "Rapture Survey." Here are the questions and responses received:

Following are 5 additional text responses entered as a part of the response to question 2:

Move on.
5/20/11 9:07PM

As I understand, Christians are not to guess when the Second Coming will be. People like this Camp should be ignored.
5/20/11 5:42PM

I'm not fond of any of those options really. I don't take lightly what he's espousing - however he is clearly incorrect when viewed in light of the teachings of the Bible. I can't see that he should be allowed to teach/lead people after a stunt like this.
5/20/11 3:30PM

In my sphere of the world, I am not seeing any true Christians taking Mr. Camp seriously. I believe he has already been disavowed.
5/20/11 3:24PM

Camp is milking this for all it's worth. This all comes down to publicity and is consequently making his followers look absolutely foolish.
5/20/11 3:20PM

3. What, if anything, do you think people should do to prepare for the Rapture?

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get saved
5/21/11 9:51PM
Go and make disciples of all nations
5/20/11 10:04PM
Keep following God
5/20/11 9:07PM
>>Believe in God! >>If you don't do that, prepare yourself.
5/20/11 7:59PM

live for God
5/20/11 7:47PM
Lead people to Christ, disciple them and live Holy lives.
5/20/11 7:29PM

Make sure they are right with God, and spend their last day(s) with the people they love.
5/20/11 6:51PM

Count each day as your last and be sure your heart is right before God at all times. We are to be prepared to stand before the Lord and give our account to him regardless of when that is.
5/20/11 6:19PM

Love God and love our fellow men enough to tell them about Him.
5/20/11 6:06PM

If we are not always spreading the Good News to our family, friends and neighbors, we are not doing our jobs.
5/20/11 5:42

Know Jesus Christ as their savior!
5/20/11 4:46PM

Repent and turn to Jesus.
5/20/11 3:30PM

I'm honestly not sure if I believe in the Rapture or not. I feel like whatever the truth is, we need to live the same everyday- devoted to God and His glory. The apostles thought they were in the last days, too, so let's follow their example!
5/20/11 3:27PM

Be ready and live each day for Jesus - we will never know the exact time and day - so expect Him any time.
5/20/11 3:24PM

Nothing. I don't want Camp to influence my behavior.
5/20/11 3:20PM

This question assumes that there *is* a Rapture. However, it's such a new teaching, in Church History terms, that I'm not comfortable using it. There will be a ressurection of the dead; that's about as far as I'm going to go (as per the Apostle's Creed).
5/20/11 3:18PM

Live each day like it could be your last.
5/20/11 3:14PM

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