Wednesday, June 01, 2011

"Atheists Vs. Christians" Survey Responses


Well, only a small number of individuals tackled my "Atheists Vs. Christians" survey — but they were eloquent! So I am happy to present the responses I've received, below.

(Perhaps next time I'll tackle a lighter subject, like, "Do you think New York Democrat Anthony Weiner really posed shirtless? Or was that just a PhotoShop job, as he claims?")

Okay, then, here are my five questions, and the four respondents' answers:

The respondent who selected other wrote that they were an "agnostic atheist."

The person who selected moderately wrote: "I was atheist until I realised it was an irrational position."
There were three text responses in follow-up to this question. In order received:

"The liberal media elite blacklists Christians and assumes we're stupid because of our beliefs. In many nations Christians are seriously discriminated against, tortured, or killed because of their faith."

"It is irrational to preach the non-existence of God. We can't know if God exists or not. Our science is incomplete and one day God could possibly be proved to exist. I don't want to risk a 'flat-earther' legacy!"

"I notice some reservations about me and my wife at the institution of higher education at which we work as adjuncts and believe that it is due, at least for the most part, to our faith in Christ."

Two text responses were received in response to this question. In order received:

"Discussions can be bruising and ultimately pointless. I prefer avoiding the issue or just saying I am a humanist who respects others' beliefs."

"Well, I do think we are an overly sensitive culture, and react too strongly forceful communications in dialogue and argument."

Finally, I asked, "What thoughts or ideas do you have about how believers and nonbelievers should be communicating better, treating one another better, or cooperating?" Three people responded, in order received:

"We should be seeking dialogue and collaborating/cooperating on mutually beneficial endeavors, just as Rich Stearns and Peter Singer have been speaking out together on behalf of the poor."

"Review your own beliefs from time to time, nurse those beliefs that have always helped you get by, defend them calmly if challenged as your opinion (not truth) & avoid militant fundamentalists (including militant atheists)."

"I believe that honesty about our experiences and how they share our respective worldviews is a good place to start. In particular, I have found that the issue of moral issues to be fundamental in how other questions about God and Faith are answered. I do believe that some reflection on meta-epistemology — foundational issues of the nature of knowledge, religious or not — is crucial."

I really appreciate these great responses and the thought-provoking dialogue!

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