Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 14: Food (and how I'm trying NOT to love it so much!)

Wow, today's topic is "food." That ought to be a really easy one for me. As I mentioned in my last post, food is one of the top 10 things that brings me joy!

Hard to know where to start, though. I am acutely aware that any love affair with food is inherently dangerous. So I do this balancing act, walk this tightrope, where I enjoy food as much as possible, but when I get a little too far over the line, I have to reel it back in, do some dieting or fasting, get out and ride a few more miles on the bike or work out at the gym, etc.

So I'm always doing this balancing act where I'm always just a little (and sometime more than a little) over my ideal weight.

So, before I talk about food, here's what I've found that helps me NOT to go off the deep end in my love affair with food:
  1. Listen to my wife and eat what she cooks. She's good at doing healthy. And focus on the things I enjoy but I know are good for me ... fortunately I really enjoy vegetables, and lean meats like fish. (Unfortunately, I also really enjoy cheeses, beer, and chocolate!)
  2. Don't eat or drink after dinnertime. That's easy to do but it's a surefire way to lose control.
  3. Make certain bad foods off-limits (like soda pop, potato chips and french fries)! Then let yourself eat them (in a limited quantity) maybe once a year, just as a special treat. You'll enjoy them more.
  4. Eat a hearty breakfast and make each meal of the day progressively smaller, if you can. This is one my wife doesn't really seem to agree with me on (she just eats oatmeal — yuk) ... but I know I'm right. Even though she's a health professional.
  5. Weigh myself every day so I know when I'm getting close to (or too far over) my established "line in the sand." (Also, ultimately I hope to move my line in the sand closer to my healthy weight!). Record your weight in a daily food and exercise diary, along with every calorie of income and outgo. (I use one that offers a free version that works well for my purposes: That way you can establish a specific program where you know you are burning more calories than you are taking in, and at what rate.
  6. Observe structured times of fasting. I have learned to enjoy a Lenten discipline which has always helped me. (Here's a link to a March 9, 2012 blog I wrote about that, for our church.) When I'm really serious about this discipline, I also try to observe a "sabbath" principle, fasting one day a week, sundown to sundown, while focusing on spiritual goals. And finally:
  7. Partner with someone who has a similar goal, and hold one another accountable.
Okay, wow, now I really don't feel like talking about food! Well, suffice it to say that I've put a few of my favorite recipes (which I've either invented by trial and error, or adapted from others') on my site. Enjoy!

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Kristin Mahoney said...

If I made French fries off limits I'd end up making a midnight raid trip to McDonalds once about every seven weeks!

Also, chocolate isn't food, it's medicine. ;P