Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 17: Things That Rhyme

Okay, here we go.This one I was dreading. In fact, I wrote this post three days ago, when it would have been on time, but ended up dragging it out til now.

Why? I guess I used to be something of a poet. That was 30-some-odd years ago, of course. In fact, my wife says her first real notice of me was when our high school English teacher (whom I had in one period, and she in another) used to read my poetry to her class (unbeknownst to me ... I don't think she named me, or else it would have been the end of life as a teenage boy knew it; so I'm not sure how Darlene figured it out exactly).

I think learning to write poetry is a little like learning to ski (which I also last did almost 30 years ago). If I tried to ski again today, would I remember how to get up on the skis and head downhill? Probably. But I can guarantee I'd really get hurt (or hurt someone) in the process.

So, the safest thing to do is to chicken out. And I won't do that completely, but maybe I'll do the second-safest-thing ... post some poetry that I wrote more than 30 years ago. This one I wrote to Darlene in 1979, and it actually made the front of our wedding program:

The Lord has given many a thing --
A heart to love, a tongue to sing
Eyes to lift to worship Him
Whose ears dull not, nor sight grows dim;
Hands with which, His love to show
Feet to follow where He would go
Yet if He took all these away
And gave just one, but for a day,
Grateful I would always be
That God has given you, to me.
OK, I can hear tongues clucking, and the objections which will surely follow. "Wait! Poetry doesn't have to rhyme," you will say. And I agree. Lately we have been enjoying several magnetic "refrigerator haiku" sets that we received as gifts two Christmases ago. Our refrigerator is now covered with numerous haiku, many on the topic of cats, and in various stages of construction by various people (either us or the young adults in the "Pulse" ministry who hang out around our house).

I hesitate to show off some of the haiku posted by the young adults, for reasons I can share privately if you're really interested. But, here is my favorite, which Darlene created using the "cats" haiku set, in honor of our former kitty, Felicity:
Come here, crazy mice
Make beautiful dream perfect
Come, wonderful food
Way better than any of my best "rhyming" poetry, I know!

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