Friday, February 01, 2013

Warning: It Can Be Habit-Forming

Well, contrary to what I said last night, now I feel like I'm in the habit so I need to blog ... SOMETHING.

So, first I thought I'd thank my friend Lindsey Talerico, New Zealand's blogging guru, for challenging me to participate in her "Blog a Day in Anti-Boring January" competition. It was fun and a good exercise, and made me think about all the things I'd like to write. Someday.

I didn't succeed at posting every day. I wrote 25 posts in January. But I hit every topic. (Combining some when I needed to catch up.) I only recycled once (from an older blog). And I know that it takes doing something at least seven times in a row to turn it into a habit, probably more for me, but now I feel at least as if I think about blogging every day.

Side note: I see that Lindsey is now challenging everyone in another blogging exercise called "ThankGodIt'sFebruary." (I will follow along with interest, but otherwise am probably going to sit this one out!)

I'm not sure I'm a good enough writer (or a consistent enough person) that I could write something every day and hold everyone's attention. I need some sort of niche probably to do that. My problem is I have too many niches. (By the way, do you pronounce that "nitch," like my wife does, or "neesh" like I do? I may be using the French version.)

Since I'm a social media strategist (by profession) perhaps I will start posting some more social media tips and tricks. Like, legitimate ways to boost your Twitter following. (I'm now at more than 4,300 followers and haven't used any of those pay services to get there.) I employ a series of techniques that seem fairly surefire, but do take some work. Save that for another post.

But, I also think I should blog about what I enjoy talking about. And the main thing I enjoy talking about is truths I'm learning from Bible study and my walk with Christ. So, maybe I'll alternate.

Then, of course, there are various passions: cycling and outdoor sports in the Northwest, winemaking, cooking, travel ... it's hard to know where to stop.

Anyway, I guess you'll just have to keep checking in. For now let me bid you a happy February, hope you are washing your hands and staying warm and flu-free. And I'll close with an index to my January Blog-a-Day entries ...

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